Digital X-rays:

With a state-of-the-art digital radiography system, we can take your digital X-rays with significantly less radiation exposure than traditional X-ray imaging systems. This system also enables our patients to see their X-rays within seconds on their chairside monitor.

Torrey Hills Family Dentistry
Torrey Hills Family Dentistry
Torrey Hills Family Dentistry

Intra-oral cameras:

You can now see your teeth on a screen in the patient care room. This technique allows the patient to get involved in his/her own dental care diagnosis or treatment planning. Patients rarely have a clear idea of the actual status of their dental health. Using a pen-sized camera, Dr. Bouzida will comfortably take full color images of any aspect of the patient's mouth and instantaneously display it on the monitor screen. It allows the patient, along with Dr. Bouzida, to make educated decisions about the treatment plan going forward.

Torrey Hills Family Dentistry

Cancer screening technology

Dr Bouzida performs a very thorough oral cancer screening on all of her patients, new and established, at every checkup appointment, no exception. When needed, she uses special tools to confirm her suspicions.

In- Office teeth whitening system

Torrey Hills Family Dentistry only uses the most advanced and safest whitening systems from trusted manufacturers. This whitening treatment takes about one-and-half hours. Most patients choose to watch TV or a movie during this time.

Two computer monitors:

In treatment rooms for patient education and treatment information

High-definition TVs:

In treatment rooms, which allows you watch your favorite TV show or movie.

Safety and comfort:

We have implemented many features for your safety and comfort like a state-of-the art water-lines disinfection system, ultra-light X-ray shield made of special material made by NASA. Finally, remember the cold air and water your ex-dentist likes to squirt in your mouth? Well, ours is warm! Yes, warm air and water every time.

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