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At Torrey Hills Family Dentistry, we are well trained and equipped to make your kids dental visit a successful one. Using a show and tell approach, we explain what we are doing in words that fit a child's vocabulary, e.g. the X-ray machine is a camera and the drill is a special toothbrush that whistles and squirts water. 

I love going to the dentist!!! 

Children will not fear dental treatment unless they have had a bad experience or learn it from someone. What parents say and do can help children have a better experience during their dental visit. 

Your contribution towards your child's successful dental visit is very important, here are some helpful hints: 

First Visit "Do's" 

  1. Familiarize your child with the dental office. Take your toddler along when someone else in the family is going for a dental check-up. 
  2. Play "dentist". Count your child's teeth as you shine a light on them. Then switch roles and let your child play dentist. 
  3. Read to your child a book about going to the dentist for the first time. 
  4. Before the appointment, tell the dentist about your child, including any special needs or medical problems . 
  5. Make the appointment on a day and time when the child is not tired. 
  6. Be low-key. Treat the visit as routine. Answer any questions the child asks honestly but not too specifically. 
  7. Allow plenty of time for getting ready on the day of the appointment so as not to rush the child. 
  8. Let the dentist decide whether you should stay in the room with your child. Some children respond better without their parents present. 

First Visit "Don'ts"  

  • Don't make the visit the high point of the day. Your child will suspect that something is up. 
  • Avoid using bribery and threats in an attempt to encourage good behavior. 
  • Try not to be anxious about the visit. Don't communicate your own fears to the child. 
  • Avoid saying negative words like pain, hurt, pull, or drill. 
  • Don't try to describe exactly what will happen. The dentist has special words and ways to explain the procedures to the child. 
  • Don't make the dentist the villain. Dental care is something your child should look forward to. 

As always, our office welcomes visitors who want to meet with us , tour our facility or ask questions. 

Br Bouzida has successfuly treated children with a history of uncooperative behavior, her methods are proven very effective. 

Here at Torrey Hills Family Dentistry, we strive to deliver the highest level of care in a genuinely caring and relaxing atmosphere. 

Please take advantage of this special offer: $75 Child Cleaning , Necessary Xrays and Exam. 

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