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Dear Friends and valued Patients, 

I hope this letter finds you well, enjoying relaxing time with your families and loved ones. It is always with great excitement that I write my end-of the-year letter to you. I feel that it is that special time to reflect on another year that is ending and what it has been like here at the office and also express to you how much I appreciate you as my patient and friend. 

This time of the year is also our office anniversary; Torrey Hills Family Dentistry is eight years old! And we already started negotiating the next term lease. I hope that in all these past years, we were able to achieve a level of care and customer service that is worthy of excellence and your satisfaction. I feel the same level of energy and commitment as the first day I started and I look forward to many more years of catering to your dental needs and to strengthening our special relationship. 

This year has been uneventful and business has been steady. Some months were busier than others, and December never fails to be the busiest month of the year. We were short staffed and Candice stepped in to help in these last busy days. We are so grateful that she was available to help. This year is Drea's second year taking over the office coordinator's duties, even though she has been with us for 4 years now. Drea genuinely cares about the practice and her level of commitment is exemplary. Rebecca simply makes my life easier, where has she been in the first few years? She is the best multi-tasking assistant I had. She runs the whole back office and took over so many tasks so I don't have to worry about the "little things". Ellie, my hygienist has only one goal: performing the most thorough cleaning while you are comfortable and content. Please don’t hesitate to give her feedback, she will genuinely appreciate it and will try to make your hygiene appointment as pleasant as possible. I have known her for fourteen years and I appreciate her friendship and how much she cares about me and my practice. 

On the home front, this year has been busier than ever. Nobody prepared me for the fact that raising older kids was more time consuming and more challenging. My son Kenan is 16 and is a sophomore in high school. He is still very involved in theatre and soccer and I am deliberately delaying his permit to drive a car. My daughter Anya is 14 and is a freshman in high school. She shows true talent for art and painting and she really excelled in soccer this season. My husband Djamal and I are finding ourselves spending more time with them as we feel being emotionally involved and connected is necessary to ensure they are on the right path while going through the teenage years. 

This year has been the 4th year we have offered free teeth cleaning to our patients that were experiencing harder times with a loss of a job or benefits. Next year is no different; it is with great pleasure that we are extending the same offer and hope to see some patients with overdue cleanings soon. 

Last but not least, I wanted to take this moment and thank you for being of service to you. I am deeply grateful for your loyalty, your trust and confidence in me. You are our main source of new patient referrals; your continued support is greatly appreciated. Some of you have been with me on this journey since we opened and it is heartwarming to realize that we're sharing life events like family and friends do. 

On this holiday season, I wish you the best of health, happiness and peace. May the New Year bring success and prosperity. 

I wish you all happy holidays and a healthy and prosperous new year. Thank you once again for your continued support. 

Kindest Regards, 

Soraya Bouzida, DDS 

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