General Dentistry

Dr Bouzida has more than 20 years of extensive experience in General & Preventive Dentistry. She performs these procedures with extreme patient comfort and utmost professional care: metal-free filling restorations, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays , dentures ,extractions and continuing hygiene care with emphasis on gum disease control. Dr Bouzida treats adults and children over 2 years age. Torrey Hills Family Dentistry is a practice providing a wide range of services for your every need.

At Torrey Hills Family Dentistry, we practice comprehensive dental care with every patient, we spend about an hour and half with our new patients performing the most thorough exam including oral cancer screening, accurate recording of gum measurements, TMJ exam, bite analysis and viewing of all of the teeth under magnification using an intra-oral-camera, to show patients what we see (this camera is so powerful, it detects early tooth fractures and separation of older fillings). This is done with patient full participation and interaction as Dr Bouzida strongly believes that patient education is the key to conservative restorative treatment and optimal oral health.