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I treat Kids without sedation!!

How I get children to cooperate and look forward to the dental visit ...
My approach to children's dentistry has been a true success.  At Torrey Hills Family Dentistry, we use absolutely no sedation which, in my opinion, only masks the problem temporarily and doesn't address the apprehension and fear that some children might have about going to the dentist.  I truly believe that it is possible for a child to have a positive experience and fun during a dental visit.  The key to a successful dental visit for a child is a balance of  genuine care,  talking calmly but firmly, gentleness, and  true understanding of child psychology.  For additional pediatric information, check out this faq page, and if you have any questions, please call me at (858) 481-0080 or email me at .  Dr. Soraya Bouzida.